WASP Microaggressions (MY #METOO MOMENT)

I've noticed I strongly favor words beginning with intense, brash sounds. Words which invite you to say them quickly and loudly. The paradigmatic example might be the greeting: "WHAaat's up, DUuude?" Only after returning from 6 years in England do I realize the quality-of-life cost of misalignment between natural diction and social environment. In England, people often greet each other by softly mumbling something under their breath vaguely in the direction of the person they're greeting. It's hard to communicate how genuinely difficult it was for me to behave this way. We're likely to underestimate the quality-of-life implications of tiny things that happen many times every day. Even after being back in the USA for 8 months, I still consciously experience some joy upon exclaiming phrases like "WHAaat's up, DUuude?"

This is my #metoo moment. Coming from a working-class Irish Catholic family in the Northeast of the USA, I am only now awakening to the severity of my oppression all these years...

More seriously, I really do think it's conceivable that working-class, off-white men (e.g. Irish, Italian) have heritable dispositions toward louder, wilder, more intense speech. And that American and British WASPs either have heritable dispositions toward meeker, more docile speech, or they have traits that better allow them to cultivate such speech — either of which creates a higher cognitive load for wild men, such as myself, who would seek to enter the WASP World Order. There are no laws or rules prohibiting me from entering and climbing the hierarchy of international academia, for instance, but compared to an otherwise-equal WASP, everything is going to be a little more painful for me. The satisfaction of it all will be weaker, and the little annoyances greater. I'm not complaining at all — ultimately I consider it much more blessing than curse to be temperamentally unsuited to the institutional order.

One piece of data consistent with this theory is that, throughout my life, I've had way more close Italian friends than you'd expect from chance alone. In high school and college you could arguably chalk it up to where I lived in NJ and Philly, although if you drill down into neighborhoods and social circles I honestly doubt I was disproportionately exposed to Italians. But in England too, two of my closest friends were Italian nationals, and now that I think about it we often lamented our WASP subjection, even if we didn't phrase it that way... One of my mother's closest friends is an Italian national who was our neighbor for a few years in NJ, but she was the only Italian in our neighborhood; it's not like my mom was surrounded by them. And my mom isn't very social.

I also think this would be consistent with life history theory, i.e. WASPs evolved a basket of traits that make sense for slower, safer reproductive strategies (meekly mumble whatever you can manage with your boss's dick in your mouth, proceed to enjoy a secure retirement); whereas off-white Catholics evolved a set of traits for faster, riskier strategies (talk shit, drive fast, and fuck mad hot bitches — then get stabbed dead in a pool hall!)

What do the WASPs do with men like me, who make it all the way to 33 without getting stabbed and still insist on driving fast and talking shit?

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  1. I'm wondering what is left from Catholicism in modern-day Irish, Italian, and Polish secularized (and therefore americanized) population in the U.S. Michael Corrigan, the archbishop of New York during the late 19th century, was right. Assimilation implies protestantization, since assimilating yourself to American values necessarily implies assimilating yourself to Protestant values.

    Geographically speaking this is true. Catholicism in the North of the U.S is dying. Meanwhile, the Southwest of the U.S is experiencing a Catholic revival. Hispanics are the ones who are maintaining Catholicism in the U.S. Sadly, there is also a lot of protestants invading hispanics spaces.

    Hispanic activism focuses on bilingualism in order to stop the a-culturalization of the Hispanic population in the U.S, yet, they have no religious platform whatsoever. It seems to be that they pretty much obey to the Protestant notion of the "private sense of religiosity" ("Catholic" democrats and "Catholic" supreme justices are just protestantized Catholics).

    Huntington already predicted, based on immigration trends and cities like Miami, that the U.S eventually is going to become a new country, with two nations. Yet, this is not going to happen if there is no religious platform whatsoever among Hispanic activism.

    The U.S is going to become the cultural center of Hispanics in the near future. The only way to conceived a Catholic future in this country is by accepting this possibility. If the Hispanization of the U.S becomes factual, then this is going to open the door for a plethora of possibilities in terms of politics that are unimaginable in today's world.

    The U.S, as a state, has the mechanisms of power to create a unity of nations in the Southern Hemisphere. A Hispanic U.S would be fundamental for a possible Ibero-American Unity. This would definitely be an "event" in the Deleuzian sense of the word.

    A Hispanic and Catholic United States of America would be the katechon, the restrainer of the Apocalypse. The cultural, political, and social hegemony of Protestantism would finally perished. This new political structured is going to fight back the Kantian-Protestant New World Order described by Robert Hugh Benson in his book "Lord of the World," a dystopian Catholic novel, praised by both Ratzinger and Pope Francis.

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