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Leo Strauss: The Course

An 8-week masterclass on the mysterious and highly influential German Jewish political theorist. Very few understand the ideas of Leo Strauss, yet he's influenced everyone from tech elites like Peter Thiel, to high-ranking American politicos such as Paul Wolfowitz, to internet phenoms like Bronze Age Pervert.

Our promise: You'll master the political thought of Leo Strauss, develop your own writing, and form lasting intellectual relationships.

  • What does "Straussian" mean?
  • What is esoteric vs. exoteric writing?
  • What is natural right?
  • What is nihilism?
  • What is the crisis of modern rationalism?
  • Is it possible to return to Platonic political philosophy? Should we?
  • What's the relationship between Spengler, Heidegger, Schmitt & Strauss?
  • What is the difference between reason and revelation?

Course includes:

  • Lecture videos (with text+audio versions)
  • Live group discussion seminars
  • A private forum just for participants
  • Access to the IndieThinkers.org network

About the lecturer

Michael Millerman received his PhD from the University of Toronto. He's taught and published extensively on Leo Strauss.

Taught by

Michael Millerman, PhD

January 23, 2021
12:00pm Eastern Time

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