Other Life is my personal search for a true intellectual life.

What Does "Other Life" Mean?

The third important way of being militant is militancy as bearing witness by one’s life in the form of a style of existence. This style of existence specific to revolutionary militantism, and ensuring that one’s life bears witness, breaks, and has to break with the conventions, habits, and values of society. And it must manifest directly, by its visible form, its constant practice, and its immediate existence, the concrete possibility and the evident value of an other life, which is the true life.

Based Foucault

Great Philosopher
This passage comes from the very last lecture series by Michel Foucault, entitled The Courage of Truth.
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Who's Behind This?

Picture of an academic administrator, by @w_guppy
Justin Murphy taught and published as a professor of politics for more than 5 years. His research has been published in academic journals such as IEEE Intelligent SystemsBritish Journal of Political Science, International Studies Quarterly, and Parrhesia, and popular outlets such as Foreign Affairs and New Statesman. In 2019, he left academia to focus on research and teaching. Justin holds a PhD in Political Science (Temple University, 2014).


For at least 10 years, I've been on a warpath to maximize my intellectual freedom and public expression.

Barclay Shields

The prequel to Other Life. While doing my PhD, for several years I produced writings, videos, and performances as an outsider artist in Philadelphia. Explore the Barclay Shields back catalogue on my old Tumblr.

Started the Other Life Podcast

January 2017
Starting to get bored as a professor of politics, I started a podcast to produce a greater volume of ideas and connect with more interesting people.

Exited Vampire's Castle

March 2017
Departed the last left-wing activist group I would ever invest myself in, because they didn't approve of some personal blog posts and podcasts I published.

Doubled Down on the Outside

March 2017 — October 2018
Started livestreaming in addition to podcasting, and blogging even more. Got involved with #RhettTwitter and #CaveTwitter — became more interested in eccentric intellectuals on the internet.

Exited All Currently Existing Institutions

March 2019 — Present
My internet projects started causing trouble at the University; I refused to compromise; got suspended; refused to keep quiet; tripled down on the internet for 4 months while suspended. Decided to go all-in on inventing a new model of the intellectual life. That's where you are, right now.

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