Planning a tour, would you like me to visit you?

I have received just enough speaking invitations to announce that I'm pretty much embarking on a DIY book tour. Basically how punk bands do it: no agents, no rules, no frills. Would you like my wife and I to visit your town, for me to give a talk? For normal organizations, I would have normal expectations regarding financial stuff; but if you're just a random person, please do reach out and let's see what we can do. Email me at jstnmrphy [at] gmail [dot] com.

Here is a list, roughly in chronological order of my expected visitation, of places where I currently have at least one formal invitation of some kind or another. If you're anywhere in between these places (basically anywhere in Europe or the USA), and would like me to pass through, please let me know!

I'm not sure I'm going to make all of these, though I'd like to. This is why I'm asking if there's anyone else out there who'd like me to pass through their town: the more spots, the more likely I can connect these dots...

If you're on another side of the world I could still come, but then I'd definitely need travel costs covered.

London - March 1 - Location TBA
Southampton - March 4 - University of Southampton (I know, right?)
London - March 10 - Location TBA
Utrecht, Netherlands - March - Location TBA
NYC - March/April/May - Location TBA
Chicago - March/April/May - BridgeUSA @ University of Chicago
Salt Lake City - March/April/May - Location TBA
Portland - March/April/May - Location TBA
Gainesville - May/June - Location TBA

Let me know if you live anywhere near these places and would like for us to pass through. Or maybe you're on tour and you'd like for us to join you, that would be cool. I'm pretty much as free as I could possibly be at the moment, and we do want to have kids and settle sooner than later, so for the next few months there's no proposal too crazy I won't consider it!

4 comments on “Planning a tour, would you like me to visit you?”

    1. There will very likely be a London event in the next few weeks. I've added you to my London list and will let you know.

  1. St Petersburg Florida.

    I am just a random dude, not with any association. I am an artist that works with radical theory and does live painting. I bet I could organize some crazy show where you give a talk and I paint. Or something else. We could brainstorm.

    1. Hey thanks for this. Florida will almost certainly happen because I have family there. I have saved your email and will almost certainly reach out to you in time. Thanks again.

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