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IRLmaxxing Against the Soydevs, Indie Magazines, Filmmaking, Urbit

Today I want to share some highlights from the last few episodes of the Other Life podcast.

"Justin can be a bit of an iconoclast on Twitter, but that’s just the way the medium works. In his podcast, I’ve seen him be a very sensitive and inquisitive interviewer. It’s one of my top listens, lately." (Review from November 11)

"I’ve been really over podcasts lately. It seems that most in the theory/philosophy genre are too long and watered down... With Justin, this is not the case... He always has an idea or interpretation of the culture that is insightful and original. (Review from November 1)

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From PhD to LandChad: Digital Sovereignty, Christianity, and IRLmaxxing with Luke Smith

Luke Smith was a PhD student in linguistics before he grew his Youtube channel to 168k subscribers—with his unique perspectives on digital, financial, and mental sovereignty. This is the first time he's told his whole story at length.

Other Life #212 live at the imperceptible mansion (#3): Youtube / Podcast

I invited Luke to be the special guest at this year's mansion because I think he exemplifies the Other Life mentality.

Luke has totally exited the institutional grid, he maintains an idiosyncratic perspective and lifestyle, and he publishes his ideas to a growing audience without compromising his principles.

Luke only uses Free and Open Source Software, does not watch any TV or streaming services, and recently became an Orthodox Christian.

I think you'll find this talk interesting, unique, funny, and inspiring.

360 Degree Conviction: 10 Years of Counterculture with Asher Penn of Sex Magazine

Asher Penn is the founder and editor of Sex Magazine , now in its 10th year. We talk about the magazine business, how to persist on countercultural projects for the long haul, what's cool and what's not, how to spot underground talent, the enduring value of print, what Asher learned from interviewing William Gibson, and much more.

Other Life #211: Youtube / Podcast

This was recorded at Urbit Assembly 2022 in Miami.

Alex Lee Moyer's War

Alex Lee Moyer is the director of TFW NO GF and most recently Alex's War (about Alex Jones). We discuss Alex's perspective on filmmaking, the best filmmakers, Hollywood, independent vs. institutional pathways, and why it's still worthwhile to produce politically difficult work.

Other Life #209: Youtube / Podcast

This was recorded at Urbit Assembly 2022.


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