Get F*ck You Money, Practice Nomadology, and Join the Internet Aristocracy with Alexander Bard

Once a normie record producer, Alexander is now a creative internet madman who commands billionaires to do whatever he wants. In this podcast, he explains how he did it. First, he says, "whore" yourself out to make "f*ck you money." If you're ever afraid of speaking freely, just "get out of there!" Whore yourself another way. Read Deleuze and implement a practical nomadology. Know yourself, know your type, know your role and play it. You shouldn't even know what's taboo and what isn't! People who speak freely on the internet are "of a higher class" today, and people who respect political correctness will be the new proletariat. These were the major points I took him to be making.

I really enjoyed this high-energy discussion and gained more than a few new ideas for orienting and improving my own independent intellectual life in 2020 and beyond.

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