Do Not Despair (Kierkegaard and The Sickness Unto Death)

Some reflections on despair, existentialism, and Christianity via Kierkegaard's book The Sickness Unto Death.

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3 comments on “Do Not Despair (Kierkegaard and The Sickness Unto Death)”

  1. Justin,

    I have a suggestion: Leave comments open for awhile longer. On April 30, 2020, you were blessed with this remarkably fine comment 246 on Intelligence as a Political Cleavage, your post of that day. (I do not know if you accept any HTML for style, but I tried.) Lively engaged readers are a strong positive! I would have liked to reply to that comment or have left one of my own, but was unable to.

    Alternatively, if you do not wish to moderate and corral comments here, just turn off the commenting support entirely.

    1. Hey Ellie, thanks for this comment. I've duly taken all of your advice and changed the settings. I just had the default settings on (I think). Thanks.

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