Master Deleuze and Heidegger on Technology in 8 Weeks.

Develop your own ideas and form lasting intellectual relationships, too.
Deleuze vs. Heidegger



6 recorded lectures (video+audio+text)


Live seminar sessions every week, featuring group discussion of each week's key themes and questions.


A private forum to discuss the course themes, share media, ask questions, and develop your own ideas.
Not far from where Heidegger built his famous hut, in the Black Forest of Germany.


Meet all the lecturers and participants from past courses, and more than 100 other indie thinkers.


Personal feedback, group work sessions to keep you productive, and instructional content on how to build your own intellectual projects on the internet (Creator tier only).


Give a public talk (optional).


Feedback from participants in the first cohort.

Alex Talan

Composer, Los Angeles
"I appreciated Justin's ability to clarify and suggest practical applications of Deleuze. I enjoyed the lectures and will be revisiting them in the future. The course discussions were well facilitated, encouraging an atmosphere of fellowship and open dialogue."

Raven Connolly

Hostess of The Stoa, Portland
"My thinking was challenged, exposed, and reshaped... Justin's social network brings together rogue intellectuals, experimental musicians, martial arts teachers, conceptual artists and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Collaborations have outlasted the length of the course."

Kevin McCoy

Artist, New York City
"Justin brings people and ideas together in a great way. He sets up a dynamic conversation between his co-teachers and the course participants, one that continues long after the class is finished."


More than 10 years of combined experience teaching philosophy and political theory.

Johannes Niederhauser, PhD

Philosopher and Heidegger Scholar

Justin Murphy, PhD

Political scientist and theorist

How it works

Gilles Deleuze (1925–1995) and Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) developed two of the most original perspectives on technology in the twentieth century. We guide you through the main themes: The question concerning technology, the loss of nearness, poetic existence, the community of mortals, the new societies of control, machines of capture,
and machines of liberation.
Content. When you enroll, you're given an 6-week reading list on the themes listed above. You're also given 6 pre-recorded lectures (videos as well as text and podcast equivalents). All course content is hosted within the course website.
Community. After enrolling you will receive an email inviting you to join a private community forum, accessible only to participants in the course.
Network. The private course community is hosted by IndieThinkers.org, a larger network of independent intellectuals and creators. When you're invited to create an account for the private course community, you'll see it's embedded in a broader forum and social network including other lecturers, authors, podcasters, Youtubers, etc.
Seminars. If you enroll in a tier including discussion seminars, you'll find links to each discussion seminar inside the course website. The seminars are conducted via Zoom, which you'll need to download once (free). First meeting is Sunday November 22, 2020 at 1pm Eastern and then the next 8 Saturdays (excluding Christmas week, so 7 Saturday meetings total) at the same time of day. The final seminar is the Proseminar (January 16, 2021).
Email. Course communications rely heavily on email. All communication from lecturers to participants will come via email. It's important you check your email regularly, in case any last minute tweaks are necessary. Check emails are not going to your spam folder, and if they are, add our sending email to your address book.



6 Lectures (Video, Text, and Audio)
Private Community Forum
IndieThinkers.org Network
Lifetime Course Updates
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6 Lectures (Video, Text, and Audio)
Private Community Forum
IndieThinkers.org Network
Lifetime Course Updates
Live Weekly Discussion Seminars (7 Weeks)
Invitation to the Proseminar (Example)
Join the Waitlist


6 Lectures (Video, Text, and Audio)
Private Community Forum
IndieThinkers.org Network
Lifetime Course Updates
Live Weekly Discussion Seminars (7 Weeks)
Invitation to the Proseminar (Example)
1-1 Personal Feedback Calls with Lecturers
8-Week Pro Membership in IndieThinkers.org
Join the Waitlist

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the seminars?

Before each session, we circulate discussion questions. Each session runs for 2 hours. We begin with brief remarks from the lecturer(s), but most of the time is spent in small breakout groups. We randomly assign people into small groups, but we do this two times per session, to ensure a dynamic circulation of ideas and relationships. Then we finish with a large-group discussion, emphasizing the best ideas surfaced in the breakout groups.

IndieThinkers.org sounds interesting, what happens there?

IndieThinkers is a private community for independent intellectuals. Paying members access features that help them accelerate their intellectual work outside of institutions, i.e. on the internet. Participation in our course includes membership in the network and forum of IndieThinkers.org. That's also where you'll find the private course forum (hidden to everyone else). Participants on the Creator tier get access to all paid features of the Pro membership through the time of the course. See IndieThinkers.org for more details.

The Creator tier sounds exciting, is it right for me?

The Creator tier is for anyone who is serious about producing their own work through the time of this course. We'll meet with you in 1-1 Zoom calls at the beginning, middle, and end of the course—reading and giving feedback on your writing or just your ideas. The IndieThinkers.org Pro membership gives you access to 3 group work sessions per week, to help your productivity in a convivial group setting; a content library of instructional materials and private Q&As with successful indie thinkers; and other exclusive meetups and workshops.

I haven't read much philosophy, is this course right for me?

Any adult who wishes to think is capable of philosophy. I would guess that about 20% of our course participants have essentially zero first-hand knowledge of the course material upon entering. These people have some of the most intriguing and provocative ideas because their minds have not been ground down by years of institutional conformity.

I already know a ton of philosophy, is this course right for me?

We've had grad students, full PhDs, and published book authors take our courses! Typically, such a person takes one of our courses because they feel bored with their career track or social milieu. Our courses provide advanced thinkers a wild space to toy with new or weird ideas, without worrying about professional signaling games, among an unpredictable cast of interlocutors they can't find anywhere else.

What if it totally sucks and you're a massive grifter?!

If you enroll, watch the lectures, and participate in the community discussion, and you don't find the experience valuable—we'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked, anytime within the first 7 days. Grifters don't offer refunds like that! ;-) 

Not ready to enroll yet?

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