Can the Left Be Saved? With Nina Power and DC Miller

After my first livestream with Nina Power and DC Miller, we decided to sit down and continue the conversation. In this podcast, we discuss whether or not the Left can be saved from its current insanity. This conversation was recorded in March 2019, right before I left England for good.

Nina and DC are currently raising money for a legal campaign against Luke Turner. You can support their campaign here. If you'd like to discuss this podcast with me and others, suggest future guests, or read/watch/listen to more content on these themes, request an invitation here.

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One comment on “Can the Left Be Saved? With Nina Power and DC Miller”

  1. The left isn't one homogeneous thing. What you describe is a young, material, and idealistic part of leftist ideology that isn't 'the left', it's one interpretation of it. Moreover, the left is completely different in many ways based on area. Bible belt leftists are completely different then Canadian leftists... These generalizations of party don't really make any meaningful conversations of any value. It's simply trying attribute some sort of identity to something more complicated then this.

    If your argument does have value, then a politicized right with arms that sympathize in racist ideals has value as well and describes the right. Obviously it doesn't, so I don't understand why this conversation is implying more.

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